Case Study: Enhancing Real Estate Lead Generation with Engaging Video Content at $5 per Lead
To save your time, let me quickly outline the key points of this strategy.

Our goals:
- To generate leads for real estate purchases in Northern Cyprus.
- To lower lead acquisition costs while boosting their quality.
- To establish efficient database management.

Previous experience with another agency:
- $10,000 invested in target advertising with no success; leads cost $20 apiece, yielding only phone numbers, often unreachable, resulting in no sales.

After a thorough analysis, we proposed fortifying the sales funnel at every step by:

  • Creating compelling, original short video clips.
  • Gathering comprehensive contact information, including Telegram details, not just phone numbers.
  • Automating follow-up content engagement post-ad click.

The strategy led to a unique, effective marketing funnel:

1. We produced numerous reels, based on my scripts, infused with a systematic structure, and a clear call-to-action to visit a dedicated webpage. These can be personally demonstrated. We utilize targeted ads on Instagram/Facebook, ensuring we're not reliant on unpredictable organic traffic and can broadcast these reels broadly and with control.

2. Viewers watch a 30-second reel, ending with a persuasive marketing message and a prompt to learn more. They click through to a well-designed landing page offering a Telegram bot subscription.

3. After clicking the call-to-action, visitors interact with the Telegram bot and subscribing and receiving curated information in a gradual process that not only informs but also qualifies them through interactive content and quizzes. The bot consistently provides content, retaining the lead’s engagement over time.

4. This approach cuts the average lead cost to $3-$7, depending on the region, a significant reduction from the previous $20 cost per lead, which was generated using a generic banner ad.

The customer journey streamlined:
Instagram/Facebook ad → Engaging Landing Page promoting Telegram bot → Bot subscription → Initial warm welcome and information exchange → Consultation with an agent → Continuous content delivery to maintain interest and drive sales.

Instead of a Telegram bot, we can use a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group.

Why this system leads:

1. These reels engage prospects longer than the average banner, with a warm, human element that fosters trust. We test multiple reels and refine based on performance.
2. We target website visits for conversions, employing an ad setup that outperforms common objectives, thereby fine-tuning lead quality and cost.
3. The versatility of Telegram bots extends our capabilities, from dynamic lead distribution to multimedia engagement, including the critical capture of Telegram usernames, which are retained even if a lead exits the bot.

On average, 70% of people who opt-in via the website to the Telegram bot remain connected to our funnel.

Results achieved:

  • The funnel strategy sets the company apart from its competitors.
  • Leads are nurtured automatically, dropping acquisition costs by over five-fold.
  • Enhanced engagement accelerates the transition to personal manager communication.
  • The company's credibility is bolstered by personal interactions depicted in the videos

Technical Details:
1. On their first day in the bot, 25% of users complete the qualification process, while the rest continue to be nurtured within the bot.
2. Below is the advertising account's statistical data.
3. In the last three weeks of ad campaigns, we have achieved:
- 158 leads directed to the Telegram bot
- 3 in-depth Zoom consultations for real estate selection (beyond just the initial contact call from an agent)
4. Additional results can be discussed in a personal conversation.

Future Plans for the Project:
- Refine the Telegram bot funnel and increase conversion rates for contact acquisition
- Improve agent training to enhance lead processing capabilities. Currently, there's significant room for performance growth
- Produce new video content based on insights from the past period to identify additional effective marketing combinations for the future
- Double the advertising budget

Collaboration Options:

If you truly want to generate quality leads that are genuinely interested in real estate and prompt to pick up your calls, then click the button below. Message me on Telegram and schedule your free consultation.

P.S. If you've read this far, it means we can speak candidly. You didn't stumble upon this article by accident; I targeted you with ads, and naturally, your competitors will see them too. The funnel is currently operating effectively as described and I'm confident we can further enhance its performance. It already outperforms 90% of the market in efficiency.

Every day, I receive 2-3 inquiries for consultations from this article, but I can physically take on only one more project to craft such a funnel. Of course, I want our partnership to be mutually beneficial.
If you're skilled in selling properties and seek to outpace your competitors, don't hesitate—write to me on Telegram.

If you're not ready to start for some reason, let's not waste each other's time.

*Below is an example of the figures from one of the advertising accounts over three weeks.
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